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Getting started with dcm2bids⚓︎

How to get the most out of the documentation⚓︎

Our documentation is organized in 4 main parts and each fulfills a different function:

  1. Installation: A beginner-friendly guide that walks through the installation process, including the creation of a dedicated environment.
    • TL;DR: Run conda install -c conda-forge dcm2bids or pip install dcm2bids within your project environment.
  2. Tutorials: Aimed at beginners and people new to dcm2bids, the tutorials are a series of steps that describes in length how to use dcm2bids in order to understand how dcm2bids works.
  3. How-to guides: Analogous to recipes, these guides provides series of steps to address typical problems and use-cases when converting into BIDS. They are less verbose than tutorials and assume some understanding of BIDS-related concepts and how dcm2bids works.
  4. Technical reference: Automated rendering of the code that composes the inner machinery of dcm2bids.

Last update: 2023-07-06
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